16 March 2012

A Small Green Obsession

Clovers are near and dear to my heart.  From my childhood I remember my mother more often than my father on certain things and clover looking is one of them.When I went to college my mother gave me a clover that I have yet to kill.  She told me that it was from the clover she had when I was born.  When Cole was born I started a new one from my original one and let's just say it hasn't died yet, but it has tried.

I can't remember a time when I haven't looked for a four-leaf clover.    I am obsessed about looking for a four-leaf clover and when walking I'm often looking down trying to spot one of nature's "deformities".   I have a theory that mom knew I'd always want to find one and this activity kept me out of her hair for a good 20 minutes at a time.

Still to this day when I am at the park for a picnic or sitting in the yard, you'll catch me combing through (visually or literally) a patch of clover. I remember that the first four-leaf clover I found was  David Libscomb College in Nasheville in 1990-1991when Stacey was there for Odyssey of the Mind (I think).  All I remember was it was a warm spring day (not like the almost summer we are having today) and there was a large lawn.  Sometime the next year I learned that where there is one four-leaf clover there is usually two--genetics and all--in the same vein as how my sister ended up with blue eyes and I ended up with green.

Yesterday, I bent down for more clover looking and found this.  Most of you saw it on facebook.  Yes, there was a second one and no I didn't clip that one.  Just the one you see here.  No one should be greedy with luck.  There is enough to go around. 

I love the life lesson that what society sees as something unique (the four-leaf clover) is actually not the common rule in nature.  Clover to me is a really beautiful plant/weed.  I like to think that we should hold dear those things which makes us different.  At least for me, I plan on framing my little reminder of luck. (and I totally know where to find it again--thank you genetics).

UPDATED 3-19-12:
I asked the neighbor if I could dig up this little clover and they said yes so now I'm growing my own luck !(unless it voluntarily dies on its own, of course.)

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