23 April 2012

Houston landed in Charlotte

Last week Wednesday Chuck arrived on Fulton after two days of driving from Houston to Charlotte.  He had a trusty navigator in Ms. Midge (his mom).  My favorite story from the trip was the guy in bib overalls, no shirt walking up the interstate in Mississippi.  Seriously, stereotypes don't happen without reason.
A big truck does fit in my driveway
Let's be honest, working and helping with the unpacking did not go smoothly so I'm glad Chuck had his mom to help him.  Development is not dead, people.  The apartment was completely moved into (without pictures on the walls) by Friday.  I considered that an amazing feat, but remembered back to four years ago when Skippy, John, Mom Jim, and Stacey came to Charlotte and moved me from my house in Mooresville to Fulton.  After one weekend, I had a orderly house complete with pictures on the walls, an immaculately clean trash can and awesome fabric cabinets.

The week included a "Meeting of the Moms" at Midwood Smokehouse.  We walked there from Chuck's place which makes him feel like he hasn't left The Heights so much. 

With only hours left to Ms. Midge's visit, we whipped her around a few spots in Charlotte on our way to the Whitewater Center.  Because if it is a nice spring day, lunch at the WWC is the best! (Unfortunately, the frosty mug concept is foreign--but I guess that's hard when in plastic)  Below are a few touristy shots.
At Panther's Stadium (seriously, I love having people pose here...these monuments are fierce! Almost Ghostbuster-esque)
Just a little time to stop and smell the roses

Have a Safe Flight Mom.  He has no idea how he is going to start hating when I pose him in random places purely for my entertainment..muwahhh!

01 April 2012

That Apple Didn't Fall Far

I am in the process of a little spring cleaning and just finished going through the recipes I inherited from my Granny Lou (Dad's mom). There are some gems and I'll post a few in the upcoming weeks.  Granny Lou was well ahead of my sister in collecting family favorites. And, I noticed that I inherited her penache for keeping clips of recipes from magazines or scribbling them down on whatever notepad is lying around.

She died nearly 20 years ago and my food memories of her are sweet corn, succatash and grapenuts.  It has been a blast going through these browned pages and seeing her notes.   However, I wonder, if like me, she wanted to try them all, but maybe forgot she had them.

Cheers to hoping I remember to try a few!