06 March 2012

Back in the 80's, They Would Have Called That Cheap

That was a comment from my boss last year when Catherine and I started carpooling to work.  He's right. In the Eighties our environmentalism would have been as foreign as grocery store sushi or doggie daycares. (Hey, it's not our fault carpooling is good on the budget too.)

We manage to carpool at least once a week, most of the time twice and three times if we are lucky. We've been carpooling a year now and it is in this 25 minute commute (one-way--a total of 50 minutes a day) that I get some great advice or learn some new helpful tip. (This carpooling thing may also have therapy benefits. Wonder if I can use my health care flex card on gas?)

I would love to take credit, but it is Catherine who told me about this one. Who needs to buy a boot tree when one is a wine drinker?

If you have any other wine drinking leftover ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section.   I'm not scared of a bottle of wine or a glue gun craft.

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