09 June 2009

What Does It Mean to be "Non-Political"

This was a post I was supposed to put up last week.

I listened to most of Obama’s speech today on CSPAN because as usual, the major networks disappointed me on their coverage. One must own a higher grade of cable than myself to have programs stopped for you. But the one advantage to CSPAN is sometimes it doesn’t have commentary and lets you make up your own opinions based on what you see in front of you. Novel concept I know.

After the speech, they took callers and the callers had to identify whether they were democrat, republican or independent. I didn’t think this was needed, but I don’t run the media or political world. But what surprised me (other than the number of callers from California where it was 4 in the morning) was that a lot of the callers started off their responses with, “I’ve never considered myself political, but…” What does that phrase really mean? How can one not be political? It is almost like saying, I’m not American. One of the greatest rights that we have in this country is to vote and in essence that makes us political. By standing for or against something; choosing to participate or not participate makes one political.

Maybe the proper term is “outwardly political” and that can be rather difficult. I think of different relationships I have with outwardly political people and sometimes how unconfortable it can be to have open and honest discussions without getting angry or even agreeing to disagree. I am proud of those who choose to speak out regardless of what they are saying. Say with heart. Say it with truth and believe in the power of your voice, even if it is just C-SPAN. All 19 of us appreciate it.