19 August 2009

The Local View


So, it has been a three months since I got back from Egypt and Lebanon and writing about those experiences was easy. My views recently have been more local and in the here in the sweet Carolinas and it is a little harder to make home as fresh and mysterious as my travels. But, let's face it, I'm southern; I'm from the mountains; and I had to take storytelling classes in the 4th and 5th grade. (You don't go getting a story telling center in your county without good reason)

It is summer and the humidity is high. I would argue that it makes the air sweet and maybe it is sweet because I have frozen peaches for later use and make blackberry jam for the first time. Those of you who have tried it...I need your honest opinion for next year. This summer I have called upon the spirits of my grandmothers (and one grandfather for that matter) may they all rest in peace and canned like the furry. Santa Claus (you have to believe or the presents stop comin') brought me a pressure cooker for quart jars for Christmas. Not that anything has come out the way I thought it should look, at least it was an attempt. In June, my house smelled just like Nanny's (Mom's side) and I think Granny Lou (Dad's side) would have thought the blackberry jam acceptable. Egypt took me away from strawberry season so next year it is on with the freezin' and the canning. I do enjoy smoothies with fruit I put up in the summer. I just need to find a bigger freezer.

I've enjoyed my summer (although to be quite honest I still have wanted one solid week at either the Outterbanks or Charleston barrier islands and I keep reminding myself that I will have worked only 11 months this year). This past weekend I found myself in Myrtle Beach with six of my closest friends, although there were several that joined us in spirit. Next year people. We go down nearly every year for a weekend of kid-like fun. One, we must visit Myrtle Waves and go down the "Tidy Bowl" at least three times. Two, we must divide up into teams chosen randomly by our driver's licenses and play putt-putt. The loosing team has to buy drinks before dinner. Three, a nice dinner with lots of alcohol must take place. I have successfully been on a loosing putt-putt team for the last four years. This year's score was a DRAMATIC improvement, but mine was the one cut from the overall total. The pictures below are some action shots from putt- putt. (Note: I am not allowed to publish pictures of any of the closest friends in bathing suits...that is rule 6 of the friendship and I "passed out" too quickly before taking our beauty pictures for drinks but that is a WHOLE different story)

I haven't been far from water all summer. The other two pictures are from tubing down the Green River in Saluda and white water rafting on the Pigeon. The lesson learned from tubing is that tying rafts together is fun, but I think bungee rope is a necessity. Not everyone on the trip would agree with being tied up together. When you don't go whitewater rafting with a guide, pick the guy who has only been once as your rudder. He'll guide and chances are he won't fall out and you'll get a great workout on your arms. We almost lost mom once.

The last picture is of Bryant, Nada, Nagi and I at the White House. Bryant and I went to visit some of his friends in DC and coordinated the trip around Nagi's visit. Seeing Nagi and his family was great, but short.

More adventures to come as summer does not officially end unti September 21st. Ooh and who knows where the fall will take me or what kind of hot mess I might get into. (ps I still don't get this whole picture thing yet while blogging)